What is Clear Language?
Clear Language is writing that's clear and concise. A clear language document - whether it's a brochure, a consent form or an instruction manual - can be read and understood by people with a wide variety of literacy levels.

Why should I be interested in Clear Language?
Clear Language can:

  • save your company money
  • improve customer service
  • save lives and prevent injury
  • prevent litigation
  • provide positive customer experiences
  • give patients health care information that they can understand and follow
  • prevent industrial accidents

Is Clear Language really necessary?
According to Statistics Canada*, 4 out of 10 adult Canadians, age 16 to 65 - representing 9 million Canadians - struggle with low literacy. Of those adult Canadians with low literacy, 15% have serious problems dealing with any printed materials; an additional 27% can only deal with simple reading tasks.

Those people are among your customers, your patients, your stakeholders... if what you have to say is worth communicating to them, it's worth communicating clearly and effectively.

We can help
Clear Language Consultants can ensure that your documents and language are legible to your target audience.

We specialize in:

  • clear language writing
  • editing
  • consulting
  • layout
  • design

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* (Adult Literacy and Life Skills (ALL) Survey, Statistics Canada and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2005)